Los Angeles FEEDFEAST As a part of Social Contribution, many NGOs are distributing free Ration to the poor and needy ones in this period of lockdown, they have experienced that many beneficiaries are misusing the relief aid. Beneficiaries are reserving the aid received from multiple NGOs and some of them are reselling it in the market which results in many needy ones are being deprived out of the aid.
The solution to this problem leads to the development of the Android application "Feed Feast".
Feed Feast app works on a centralized cloud database system in which every NGO has given user id and password. Feed Feast app features a realtime data entry done by an NGO member of the beneficiary at the time of ration distribution. Another NGO member working in the same localized area can search the beneficiary by entering the Aadhaar number if the records are not found then only they can distribute the ration. If the existing record of the beneficiary has been found; on the choice of NGO, they can give or deny the aid.
Every NGO gets the daily records of the beneficiaries on their respective email id which helps them to maintain their reports
Feed Feast app respects the privacy of every NGO, therefore, the data is not shared with any other medium or an organization.

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